Credit Control Training

If your business offers credit to customers, it needs to have effective credit control processes in place. Anyone who handles a business’ finances and manages customer accounts should learn how to effectively control credit. If you are planning to become a dedicated credit controller who chases payments, one of our training courses will be beneficial to you.

We currently offer two types of training:

Half-Day Bespoke Credit Control Training

We offer a half day bespoke training, carried on a one-on-one basis. This training is tailored exactly to the requirements of your company and your staff members. If you would like to know more about what we can offer, please get in touch with us.

The fee is £349.00 plus VAT.

Interactive Training Course

We also offer an interactive training course with the intention of making your internal systems in relation to Credit Control more robust to ensure you are taking all the correct steps to reduce your debt risk, maximise your cash flow and protect yourself or your business against bad debt.

This course will cover:

· Correct Legal Identity and its importance

· Successful collection techniques, including:

Communication methods, the chase cycle: the first, second and third call, common excuses for non-payment, chasing payment, chase letters, next steps.

· Pre action steps and how to issue your own claim, including:

Legal action, letter before action, submitting claims to court, preparing for a court hearing, and further court action.

· Various Methods of Enforcement, including:

Statutory demands, bankruptcy and winding up, voluntary arrangements, administration orders, VAT and tax relief, and default accounts.

This training is ideal for anyone who collects cash for their organisation.

Why take the course

A credit controller’s primary function is to collect money that is owed to a company. They will also manage customer accounts, ensuring that new customers have healthy credit and that existing customers settle monthly accounts in a timely manner.

Customer interaction is a large part of a credit controllers’ tasks, so excellent communication skills, good levels of diplomacy and the ability to inspire customer loyalty and satisfaction are all necessary skills.

We feel the course will help improve confidence in the above areas. Well trained staff gives you the best possible chance of getting paid on time.

If you would like more information on our courses, or to arrange a session, please get in touch with us.