Our Services

Credit Management Consultancy

We can assist your business with the following areas:

  • The Execution of a refined credit control process
  • Ad hoc or regular credit risk reviews
  • Cleaning up of untidy sales ledgers
  • Dispute handling and negotiation
  • Litigation and organising court proceedings

If you require further information please email us on info@jacksonscrs.co.uk

Credit Control Support

JCRS Limited will work as an extension to your credit control department to provide an effective and efficient debt recovery and credit management service.
We can offer this service on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Benefits to you include:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduce payment collection times
  • No staff problems or associated costs of being the employer
  • Disputes dealt with promptly
  • A reduction in bad debts
  • We can control part or the entire credit control process from invoicing through to cash allocation and collection
  • We can look after selected customers or your entire Sales Ledger

Commercial Debt Recovery Enforcement

We can organise and manage a wide range of enforcement options to collect your current and outstanding court judgments.

High Court Enforcement
We can transfer your County Court judgements to the High Court for enforcement of the debt by a high court enforcement officer.

County Court Bailiff
If the debt is below £600 we can help you obtain a warrant of execution and to enforce judgments via HMCS bailiffs.

Statutory Demands & Winding Up
We can organise a statutory demand which is a formal legal document is requiring the debtor to pay off the outstanding debt within 21 days either by instalments or a lump sum or the matter can be escalated to winding up proceedings.

Charging Order
If your debtor owns or has an interest in a property, it is possible to secure your Judgement against the property. Although the charge does not guarantee immediate payment, it does secure the debt and interest accrues at 8% per annum. It is usually worth getting a Charge on a property if there is equity in the property.

Attachment of Earnings Order
Where a debtor is working, this is often an appropriate method of enforcement. You will need to know the name and address of his/her employer. Your debt is paid out of the debtor's salary by the employer.

Third Party Debt Order
A Third Party Debt Order is usually made to stop the Defendant taking money out of his or her bank or building society account. The money you are owed is paid directly to you by the debtor's Bank/Building Society from their account. A Third Party Debt Order can also be made against anyone who owes the Defendant money

Information Order
If the debtor is attempting to avoid enforcement, we can apply to the court for an order that the debtor attends before a court officer to answer questions with regard to their assets and means.

If you have a CCJ or if you require enforcement advice, please email info@jacksonscrs.co.uk.

Commercial Debt Recovery Service

Whether you have a one off or if you have on going bad debts JCRS will work for you to take away the hassle of chasing and obtaining payments.

We can work within any environment or business industry and we offer a personal, dedicated and professional commercial debt recovery service. We can manage debts of all sizes and volumes. We operate a ‘no collection, no fee’ service.

Every commercial debt is treated individually. Debt information is evaluated on receipt and a decision taken as to the quickest and most efficient debt recovery route.

Dispute Resolution and Management

JCRS Ltd commercial debt collection professionals are able to mediate to quickly resolve disputes without the need for time consuming and expensive litigation through HMCS courts.

Submit your commercial debt recovery requirements today at info@jacksonscrs.co.uk.